Leaderboard Update

Published on Aug 7 2013

It’s back-to-school time, which MEANS NOTHING TO THE PHONELEKS.

Here are some scores!

  • Ondo Carniliono‬ hangs onto the top score, with a shocking 713,830 points!
  • There are now 26 players who have successfully reached level 25, and completed the game!
  • Preem Preem pulled off a perfect screwdriver maneuver, with the maximum 8 Phoneleks destroyed simultaneously!
  • Mattman291145 somehow lured 83 Phoneleks to their death with an amazing Last Stand. We’re still trying to figure that one out!
  • Despite Mattman’s wicked move, Bythai‬ takes the top slot for efficiency, with a rating of 3100%. Wow!

Congrats to all our fervent players! It’s a long time until any other worthwhile entertainment – like, say, a Semicentennial, or maybe a Christmas special – so why not bust out your screwdriver and pass the time with the Phoneleks?

35,847 Games of Phoneleks in March

Published on Apr 4 2013

In the month of March we served 35,847 games. Wow.

New Top Scores!

Published on Mar 20 2013

The new numbers from the Game Center leaderboards:

Top Score: RN.KN.EN with 286,770
Top Level: ZimmyZ7, coolay420 and RN.KN.EN have beaten level 25!
Top Screwdriver: Sirsabre wiped out 7 Phoneleks in one shot!
Top Last Stand: Ukanat retains the top spot with an amazing spore of 34!
Most Efficient: ZimmyZ7 with 2100% efficient

It’s exciting to see players so into the game. These scores are fantastic! We may have to start considering some rewards!

Leaderboard Update

Published on Mar 6 2013

Wow - 300+ active players! Here’s the tops from the Game Center:

Top Score: ChadTheBad42 with 205,430
Top Level: ChadTheBad42 made it to 23
Top Screwdriver: Ukanat with 6 phoneleks killed
Top Screwdriver: GravitonRacer‬ with 6 phoneleks killed
Top Last Stand: Ukanat with 34 phoneleks killed WOW!
Most Efficient: Sophie246 with 1400% efficient

That is outstanding. Hope you’re loving it.

Almost 1K

Published on Mar 6 2013

One week in and we were at 967 downloads of Phoneleks in the App Store. So Awesome!

More at phoneleks.tumblr.com