Cogitools Unveils "Doctor Steve vs The Phoneleks" Strategy Game for iOS Devices

Published on Feb 27 2013

Lexington, KY, February 27, 2013 ­­­–– Cogitools Software, Inc. broadcast throughout time and space the immediately availability of their new game Phoneleks, the greatest 2D, grid-based, Doctor Who-themed strategy game since Tom Baker’s Scarf Chess*.

Phoneleks is a turn-based game of strategic movement on a grid, especially for fans of Doctor Who and his arch-enemies, the Daleks. Original inspiration came from the 1980’s shareware game Robots (aka Daleks) written for BSD, which was fondly remembered during a fit of code burnout while working on more serious projects.

The goal of Phoneleks is for the player (“Doctor Steve”) to evade killer cyborg smartphones. The cyborgs, called Phoneleks, follow the Doctor’s moves around the board in an attempt to crush him. Unfortunately for the Phoneleks, they are so huge and lumbering and single-minded in their drive to “Terminate!!!” that they can also crush each other.

The best method of defeating the Phoneleks is to cleverly plan a route that results in the pursuing cyborgs smashing together. Additionally, Doctor Steve has a variety of fantastic weapons to help him blast through the game’s 25 levels to the “special box” at the end, with which he can make his final escape.

Weapons include the screwdriver, which disassembles nearby Phoneleks; teleports, which instantly move Doctor Steve to a random new location on the board (which may or may not be safe!); quantum tunnels, which allow the player to move off the edge of the board to the space on the opposite side of the grid; and takebacks, a “time travel” trick allowing Doctor Steve to undo a limited number of actions.

Other features:

  • Game Center integration tracks high scores, and “best uses” of some weapons.
  • Doctor Steve can regenerate! Death doesn’t always stop your game.
  • Devices with retina displays get enhanced graphics.
  • Stunning background images from the Hubble Space Telescope reveal the vastness of the cosmos, underscoring the pettiness and ultimate futility of “man vs machine” struggles. Also: they’re pretty.

Phoneleks is available in the iTunes Store for the low, low price of zero dollars, or ­­–– if you live in the Eurozone ­­­­–– zero euros. That’s right, we’re just giving it away. People interested in playing the game will need to provide their own iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Weapons can be replenished via in-app purchases to gain a distinct advantage over the Phoneleks.

Download Phoneleks for your iOS device now, and save the Phoniverse from killer cyborgs! Geronimo!


For more information, visit the Phoneleks website

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* –– While Scarf Chess was a game of staggering popularity, it is entirely possible that from your perspective it was released in an unreachable alternate reality. We apologize for any confusion, but please take our word for it: that game was brilliant.

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