Doctor Steve
the Phoneleks



The Phoniverse Awaits...

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Who? Doctor Steve, that's who.
Doctor Who Steve versus the Daleks Phoneleks.

It's got all your favorite toys: screwdrivers, and teleports, and tunnels, and time going all wibbly-wobbly. There's even a mysterious box that takes you away on the last level. It's not a police box–that might be going a bit too far. Come on and visit. It's a good time.

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the platform. Defend the Phoniverse.
Doctor Steve versus the Androids Phoneleks.

You are the Great Lord known as Doctor Steve. You defend the Phoniverse from your greatest enemies, the Phoneleks. You must battle them with cunning, speed, and guile. You can draw them to chase you, making them crash into each other; take them apart with your screwdriver; or teleport away to avoid being squashed by their oversized metallic shells.

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is at risk! And with every level the Daleks Phoneleks multiply until every phone is one of their number.

These powerful cyborg tank-sized phones are bent on conquest and domination, utterly without pity, compassion, or remorse. Their creators carefully removed every emotion except hate, leaving them with a desire to purge the Phoniverse of all non-Phonelek life.

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The game uses beautiful images from NASA's fantastic historical archives, starting with Earth as seen from the Apollo missions, through our solar system, and then away into the vastness of space, courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope. These carefully curated images of the universe provide an imaginative backdrop for endless play.



Retro space-techy super-awesome. The design for this game brings together extra-clean super-serif techno fonts with geometric mathematical iconography and strikingly simple vector art elements. All rendered at retina resolution. So you can fully experience a future where deadly cyborg-phones will destroy us all.



It's like brain candy. Or maybe crack.
No. Wait. Brain candy.

You make a move or use a weapon. Then the Phoneleks chase you. Your battle is epic. Driven by your almost-prescient ability to predict their movements and clever use of your powerful weapons, you smash them into each other until you are victorious!

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