Our story so far...

Doctor Steve
the Phoneleks


The Phoneleks are a powerful race of cyborg tank-sized phones bent on universal conquest and domination, utterly without pity, compassion, or remorse. Their creators carefully removed every emotion except hate, leaving them with a desire to purge the Phoniverse of all non-Phonelek life.

You are the Great Lord known as Doctor Steve. The Phoneleks are your greatest enemies. You must battle them with cunning, speed, and guile. You can draw them to chase you, making them crash into each other; take them apart with your screwdriver; or teleport away to avoid being squashed by their oversized metallic shells.


To move your character, simply swipe in the direction you'd like to move. To stand still, just tap once on the phone. You can use the whole surface of the phone to indicate your swipe. It doesn't have to start from the doctor icon.


Most weapons in the dashboard (at the bottom of the screen) can be activated by tapping on their dashboard icons. You can tap & hold on any dashboard icon to get extra details about that weapon. You can purchase additional weapons or upgrades through those detail panels.

Weapons on the left side of the dashboard are used throughout the entirety of the game. Weapons on the right side of the dashboard are recharged at the begining of each level.

Regenerate allows you to recover from a fatal move by reverting that move and restoring your character. When you need it, there will be a button for it on the screen.

As a Great Lord, you can control both time and space! Takeback allows you to step backwards in time to a previous state of the board. So when you foul something up, it's super-easy to fix.

Recharge allows you to restore power to your level weapons (the right side of the dashboard), giving you the ability to use them again. Awfully useful.

The screwdriver takes apart everything in any square adjacent to you, including trash piles and broken glass. You can activate it by shaking the phone or by turning (rotating) the doctor icon (use a two-finger rotate gesture).

The teleport randomly moves you to another place anywhere on the board. Use this with caution. If you rematerialize on or next to a Phonelek you will be killed on their next move. You can activate it by double-tapping the phone or using a zoom-out gesture (two-finger pinch-out).

Quantum Tunnel
The quantum tunnel allows you to move across the edge of the board. You don't need to activate it, just indicate a move that would go over the edge of the board and you'll pop to the other side.

Last Stand
If you're sure you're safe and you'd like to let the Phoneleks move on their own to complete the level, you can use the last stand. To activate it, simply press and hold on the phone for 1 second (you should see an icon indicating the last stand was detected).


Crash     20
Teleport     40
Screwdriver     40 + 2x
Last Stand     1.5x


The shipping department is on level 25.

A beautiful white box is waiting there to whisk you off into the hands of a loving consumer somewhere in the world.

Get there. Beat the Phoneleks. Jump in the box. Win the game.


If you like the game, you can buy awesome merchandise at Phoneleks.com/gearup.


Is this a Doctor Who Spoof?

Is this an Apple vs Android Spoof?

But Why?
Because if you can't laugh at yourself, you're a stupid jerk. Or something like that.

Many Thanks

Doctor Steve versus the Phoneleks was built by me, Ron Northrip, at Cogitools Software Inc. But I got a lot of help, both from personal friends and from the internet community. So I'd like to say thanks here.

Thanks to:

Kim and Emilia
for their love and support

Skaught Bowden
for the initial design of the Phonelek

Kevin VanderHorst
for refinement and implementation of the Phonelek design

Alec Henthorne
for side-kicking on the alpha Javascript code with me

Allen Cook
for hammering on the phone-gap implementation with me

James Smith
for countless hours of play-testing

Chris, Chase, James, and Rob
for testing and shaking out the ideas with me

The Noun Project
for graphics and inspiration

the Art of E @ Noun Project
for the smartphone image (#4488)
used as the basis for the Phonelek icon

Ryan Oksenhorn @ Noun Project
for the lightning bolt image (#927)

George Agpoon @ Noun Project
for the phone image (#1023)

Gislene Carvalho @ Noun Project
for the star image (#5758)

Thomas Le Bas @ Noun Project
for the bird and like images (#6107,#6104)

Eight Bit Studios
for the Game Center image

for graphics and inspiration

P.J. Onori
for the Cue gesture icons

Wikimedia Commons
for space photos: Earthrise as seen form Apollo 8 , and Earth as seen from Apollo 17

NASA Hubble Space Telescope
for space photos: see hubblesite.org